MOT £42.00  MOTORCYCLE MOT £29.65    

                                                                                                   WMS started life in 1990, it,s original base was set in the old Cow & Gate Factory. 

From it,s very small begining in the automotive industry of offering to it,s customers servicing on all makes and model vehicles.  In 1996 with their experience of turbocharged vehicles the company then became a Turbotechnics dealer. In addition to this in 2002 WMS then became an M OT Station further enhancing it,s list of services on offer to the customer.

Wms now carry out fleet vehicle servicing and repairs.Also with the latest diagnostic equipment new vehicles can be serviced without affecting manufacturers warranty.

In 2008 the company moved into a new 4000 square foot unit.With four service bays and a class 4 MOT bay.In 2015 fitted a motorcycle mot bay.